Mulberry Silk Duvet Inner

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Serene Life NZ Benefits

25 Momme, 6A Strand.

Why Mulberry Silk Duvet Inner?

Naturally Hypoallergenic

Mulberry silk is naturally hypoallergenic and the most hygienic luxury bedding with its natural resistance to dust mites and bacterial growth. Combine this with Tencel fabric, and both materials moisture wicking properties create the most superb duvet inner for those with irritating allergies and sensitive skin.

100% Free of Harsh Chemicals

Silk is an all-natural protein fibre spun from silkworms and Tencel fabric is produced through eco-friendly processes, meaning there are no nasty chemicals to get in the way of you and an elegant night’s rest. 

Silk Fabric Contains 18 Amino Acids

Silk contains 18 amino acids for rich and lavish natural healthcare. Two of these amino acids are the main proteins Sericin and Fibroin, which both preserve moisture and counter the effects of ageing.

Serene Life's 25 momme Mulberry silk
Serene Life Silk Duvet Perfect Night's Sleep

Silky Smooth Sleep.

Get the best nights rest

Keep tossing and turning, struggling to sleep through the night? It might be due to the suffocating fabrics that cover your bed. Mulberry silk has a velvety smooth texture that soothes the skin, and its breathable material means it supports your body’s natural temperature regulation. Together with the natural Tencel eucalyptus fabric, this duvet inner creates the perfect pairing.

Both fabrics absorb moisture efficiently to provide your body with a pleasantly cool and dry night’s rest. The micro technology means the fine and lightweight fabric provides you with long-lasting comfort and a serene sleep, night after night.

Superb for sensitive skin.

Improving your skin and health through sleep.

The natural Tencel outer cover is super gentle on your skin, with a long-lasting softness that will keep you feeling as snug as a bug in a rug. It is a static free, high-quality natural fibre with no toxic chemicals so you can protect sensitive skin, reducing eczema flare ups and rashes. The Mulberry silk also works in conjunction with its moisture wicking properties to ensure dust mites and other bacterial growth stay out of your bed. Making our Mulberry Duvet Inner the ideal inner for those with asthma and other irritating allergies.

Mulberry Silk Duvet Inner


A duvet inner used today for a better tomorrow

Tencel lyocell fibres are sustainably harvested from eucalyptus forests and produced through environmentally friendly processes. There are no harsh chemicals used throughout the process and anything left over can be recycled to reduce waste. Not only that but the fibres are certified biodegradable and compostable under just about any conditions, industrial, soil, marine, you name it, they can return to nature. The Tencel production process has received the European Award for the Environment from the European Commission. So, when you are buying Tencel products you receive a two in one perk, not only are you enjoying the benefits of natural fibre, but you do your part to create a better world for tomorrow.

Our Customers Love Us!

“Excellent service and beautiful”

Excellent service and beautiful packing. Last night, slept well, no waking up with a wet sweaty face. Highly recommend Serenity!

– Bronwyn Dagger

“Wonderful silk pillow case!”

I love my serene life pillow case.
My hair was not fluffy in the morning and it is my little bit of the luxury life, that only sleeping on silk provides. You have to have one and experiance it for yourself. Love, love.

– Geraldine Braks

“Great service”

Great service. Gorgeous silk products which came beautifully wrapped in a lovely box. Very happy.

– A B Rodger

“Wonderful service”

Wonderful service. Had to replace a sheet set that I had purchased and the response was immediate – they picked the sheets up from my house and replaced them straight away.

– Nicola Thomson

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