Our Materials

We are using 100% Natural, Non toxic, top quality Materials.


100% Mulberry Silk

Genuine 100% mulberry silk-filled bedding is the cleanest and most hygienic type of natural luxury bedding as no microscopic life can live in mulberry silk. It does not degrade over time and so will remain clean, fresh and hygienic for many years to come. It’s a very clean material and is naturally hypo-allergenic. Dust mites and other microscopic life cannot live in it at all. This makes it a really healthy alternative.

> Natural fibres spun from the silkworm.

> It is extremely breathable.

> Moisture wicking.

> Antibacterial.

Premium Lyocell fabric

Lyocell is eco-friendly. Breathable fabric. It is 100% biodegradable and antibacterial due to its excellent moisture management. Other advantages of Lyocell over rayon are it is static-free, and it is durable.

> Moisture Management

> Gentle on Skin.

> Color Retention

> Botanic Orgin


100% Bamboo Fabrics


Bamboo is a very special plant, not only because it is the strongest and fastest growing plant on earth but also because of its exceptional natural antibacterial qualities. It develops a natural barrier against bacteria. Bamboo offers a higher moisture absorption than cotton, is amazingly strong, and the yarns weave or knit a very breathable textile.