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Serene Life Wondersheet



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Serene Life Wondersheet is a game-changing technology in skincare. Serene Life sheets and pillow covers are made from patented probiotic technology. No need to spend time in front of the bathroom mirror applying multiple lotions and creams. Just go to sleep and your Serene Life sheet and pillow cover do the job for you, night after night.We are using Skin+ Technology From Bekaertdeslee Belgium 

The Set includes:
1x WonderSheet
2x Complimentary Pillowcase

Skin+ Technology

Serene Life Wondersheet is treated with specific probiotics, encapsulated in microscopically small bulbs. These capsules firmly adhere to the textile fibers and withstand up to 20 washings, thus covering the entire lifespan of the sheet set. We are very proud to be bringing our first of many hero videos describing the benefits of having Serene Life Wonder Sheets. Let the sheets take care of you!

Too many of us spend so much time on skincare products. Not only does the cost add up, it can also be time consuming. Painful, right? What if we told you we were about to change all that! What if we told you that we have launched a new product where all you need to do is go to sleep and your skin will be taken care of overnight? Too good to be true, right?  Learn more

The SKIN+ textile contains small capsules with the proprietary probiotic "Bacillus indicus PD01". Friction between body and mattress opens the capsules, the probiotics multiply and produce -as an inherent characteristic of their metabolism- carotenoids (of the “lycopene” type) that are 10 times more active than the ones produced by tomatoes or watermelons. These caratenoids get airborne and are attraced by our skin, also through sheets and nightdresses.


Serene Life Wondersheet is enriched with probiotics that produce carotenoids. Carotenoids are organic pigments, also found in the skin of carrots, watermelons and tomatoes. Carotenoids are anti-oxidants known to protect our skin from ultraviolet light and known to prevent and restore skin cell damage caused by aging. They stimulate rejuvenation of the individual skin cells and this has a beneficial effect on the moisture level, softness and smoothness of the skin.

Effortless and long-lasting wellness

The dosage of SKIN+ is calculated to match the effect of applying a carotenoid skin cream daily. Once the technology is activated, the production of carotenoids keeps going. The microcapsules with the probiotics adhere strongly to the textile fibers and withstand up to 20 washings at 40 °C, thus covering the entire lifespan of the mattress.

Clinical Studies

We did Several test regarding the technology


Does Skin+ produce carotenoids?

Raman compared the production of pure carotenoids (Lycopene) to the production of carotenoids in Skin+. After 24 hours, Skin+ shows the same profi le as pure Lycopene which means that Skin+ produces carotenoids.


Do the Skin+ carotenoids reach the skin?

The main goal of this study was to prove that Skin+ carotenoids are absorbed by the skin. The research was conducted by treating pig skin with Skin+ fabric and check whether the carotenoids were absorbed by the skin. 15 µg of Skin+ was applied to a pig ear. After 6 hours of exposure, only 5,6 µg remained on the surface of the skin. This means that 9,4 µg was absorbed by the pig skin.